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Working K9 Training Seminar June 10th-14th, 2024 Owego NY

Instructors Maybe Added or Subject to Change

This is a working K-9 Team Seminar during with Nationally and Internationally

known trainers who will be providing training in the following deployment profiles.





K-9 Team Seminar Cost $225.00

Lunch Provided Daily


New York State Testing/Certification Available

Eastern Police Canine Association Testing/Certification Available


Meeting Location: 161 McMasters Street, Owego, New York (Owego Fire Training Site) 0800 Hrs

Contact telephone number (607) 343-1487


Questions or concerns contact:

                             SEMINAR COORDINATOR:

                             Larry Vanek: (607) 343-1487





Duane Shaffer


Duane is a well-known trainer and has handled a K-9 as a patrol officer, sergeant, lieutenant and captain, the unit’s supervisor with the Binghamton, NY Police Department retiring as such and is currently a Field K9 Coordinator for TSA at the Miami-Dade International Airport.  Duane is one of the founders of EPCA and STPCA.  Duane is one of the directors of EPCA and STPCA.  Duane is the president of the EPCA as well as an examiner, and trainer for EPCA and STPCA.

Rick McCulskey

Rick is the President of the Southern Tier Police Canine Assocation Inc and a NYS DCJS trainer for all deployment profiles in NYS.  Rick is well known in the Central, South and East of the United States having certified and competed in scent detection with NAPWDA and NNDDA with all remembering "that black dog" (Sig).  

Rick will be joining Duane as a scent detection trainer.   



Sarah joined the United States Navy right out of high school from Cheyenne, Wyoming. She wanted to join K9 since she started, and everyone told her that was never going to happen. ⁣She was persistent, spent her off time volunteering in the kennel, making connections, and not taking “No” as her final answer. Three years in, and she finally got what she was working so hard for. Sarah spent the next five years as a Military Law Enforcement Officer and Military Working Dog Handler.⁣

⁣Sarah's experience includes handling dual purpose bomb dogs, single purpose narcotics dogs, K9 training, and K9 veterinary care.⁣ She shares stories about her first two dogs (both of whom were 12 years old, and could care less about her), her first green dog (a dog that shouldn’t have been working, but it taught her a lot!), a scrappy little Jack Russel Terrier (and why she feels obedience is still important, even for the little guys! The JRT made such an impression on her, he ended up being her favorite to work). 

Sarah was an instructor/trainer with Brad at Pacesetter K9⁣ and has since started her own company CJC K9 and is traveling the country decoying and instructing at K9 seminars.   

Follow her at @cjccanine on instagram

Sarah will be conducting training in problem solving, protection, decoy training and obedience.  

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