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The Southern Tier Police Canine Association was founded in 1984, and is a nationally recognized non-profit 501c(3) organization.  The STPCA volunteers are dedicated to the training of police, fire, and search and rescue dogs and their handlers.  Our main areas of operation are in the New York and Pennsylvania.  In our 35 years of community service we have worked with over 100 different agencies.  
The STPCA is funded by private donations. These funds are used to purchase canines, training equipment, and to cover veterinarian bills in the unfortunate event that one of our canines become injured or ill and the cost is too much of a burden on the canines department.  

Southern Tier Police K9

Our mission provide year round training to canines and their handlers in suspect apprehension, contraband detection (drugs & explosives), searches for missing persons and human remains, tactical tracking, evidence recovery, arson investigations, building searches and patrol.  We also strive to ensure the safety and well being of all canines.  

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