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Working K-9 Seminar
June 10th-14th
Owego, NY




















K9 Handlers Seminar June 10th-14th, 2024 Owego, New York

Registration deadline June 1, 2024

The Owego NY Police Department and the Southern Tier Police Canine Association Incorporated will be hosting a working Police Service Dog Team seminar.

Training will be conducted for the following deployment profiles:  Protection, Problem Solving, Tracking, Explosive and Narcotics Scent Detection

*NEW* Booby Trap Scenarios for Scent Detection

Instructors:  (BIOS APPEAR BELOW)

Duane Shaffer

Rick McCulskey

Gary Creed

Robby Hermans

*********************************NEW UPDATE********************************

Due to unfortunate circumstances Sarah Carver had to cancel for the seminar.   A great friend of STPCA, Robert "Robby" Hermans (see bio below) has graciously agreed to step in as a trainer 

Additional Trainers being added often keep checking back.


New York State Testing/Certification Available, along with independent Association Testing/Certification Available for Eastern Police Canine Association Inc ( .  

Lunch provided daily and included in fee.  

K-9 Team Seminar Cost $225.00

Phone contact:  Larry Vanek (607) 343-1487


Trainer TSA Miami Dade, FL

Duane is a well-known trainer and is currently a K9 Trainer with the TSA in Miami, Fl.  Duane has handled a K-9 as a patrol officer, sergeant, lieutenant and captain, the unit’s supervisor with the Binghamton, NY Police Department retiring as such.  Duane worked as a K9 Trainer contractor in Afghanistan.  Duane is one of the founders of EPCA and STPCA.  Duane is one of the directors of EPCA and STPCA.  Duane is the president of the EPCA as well as an examiner, and trainer for EPCA and STPCA. 

Duane will be conducting scent detection training. 


Rick McCulskey

Rick is the President of the Southern Tier Police Canine Assocation Inc and a NYS DCJS trainer for all deployment profiles in NYS.  Rick is well known in the Central, South and East of the United States having certified and competed in scent detection with NAPWDA and NNDDA with all remembering "that black dog" (Sig).  

Rick will be joining Duane as a scent detection trainer.


Gary Creed

Retired Staff Sergeant Royal Canadian Mounted Police Senior Trainer and Officer in Charge of RCMP Training Centre

Gary joined the RCMP in 1992 and at the completion of basic training was posted to General Duties in Coronach, Saskatchewan.  In 1997 he was transferred to Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.  During his time in Saskatchewan, Gary was actively involved in the RCMP Police Dog Service Imprinting program.  This program involved raising potential police dogs for the RCMP.  After 6 years and 6 potential puppies, Gary was accepted into the RCMP Police Dog Service.  Gary completed dog training in 2000 and was posted to Kelowna, BC.  Gary worked 3 different police dogs while stationed in Kelowna, Dasty, Axel, and Rocket.  Gary was trained in all aspects of police dog work including tracking, searching, criminal apprehension, obedience, ERT, Tactical teams, explosive and narcotic searching, land and avalanche Search and Rescue.  In 2012, Gary was promoted to the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre as a pre trainer where he oversaw the imprinting program and help prepare dog for formal training.  In 2014, Gary was promoted to a Trainer for the RCMP PDS where he trained police dog teams in all aspects of Police work.  In 2017, Gary was promoted to his current position of RCMP Police Dog Service Senior Trainer where he is responsible for all aspect of the RCMP PDS training program along with the annual validations for all RCMP dogs in Canada.  

Gary will assist in tracking and scent detection and will present his Fentanyl detection program that he developed



Robby was a K9 IMP Officer with the Belgian Army & and in collaboration with homeland security for 32 years. for the last 15 years of his career he was a head instructor of the Belgium IMP K9 Unit. This Unit consists of 450 officers and their respective dogs and handlers. Robby specializes in training police dogs for real work. Robby has been an instructor for, Explosive - Narcotics - Patrol dogs. Robby was a head instructor in, Decoy work - tactical work with police k9's. Robby also instructed several Police academies, local and federal police schools. Robby is an Afghanistan International Military Police war veteran, owner of his own k9 police dog center K9 Robbyfarm in Florida. Robby specializes in problem solving and aggression behavior solving, and advanced police dog training. Robby has completed many k9 seminars to include, Titusville FL, Milton FL, Binghamton NY, Poughkeepsie NY, Penn Yan NY, Arkansas AR, PortlandME, Pennsylvania PA, Albany NY.

Robby will be conducting training in problem solving, protection, decoy training and obedience.  

2024 Registration Form (click on DOCX button)

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