Homeless to Hero Program

The Southern Tier Police Canine Association's Homeless to Hero program works with local animal shelters to locate dogs that have working potential and give them the training they need to serve our communities.  Trainers from the STPCA locate these canines, then test to see if the have the ability to perform as a working dog.  The canine then lives and trains with one of the STPCA's trainers.   Once the dog is trained and able to pass certification it will be donated to a police department, fire department, or search and rescue organization.  The STPCA then offers a free handler school, where the new handler learns who to properly work with the canine and pass an independent certification as a team.  A large number of the rescues are done in partnership with the Kramer Foundation.  The STPCA has a long history of training rescue dogs to serve as police dogs but with the increasing need for police dogs and the overwhelming number of dogs in shelters we are focusing on expanding our Homeless to Hero program.  If you know of a department in need of a canine please have them apply for one through our grant page.

What we look for in potential candidates:

Age: 8-36 months

Breed:  We do not breed discriminate.  Many breeds have capabilities to do detection work but for dual purpose canines we primarily look for Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, or German Shepherds.

Basic Traits: Confident, social, stable temperament, extreme toy drive, intense desire to retrieve and hunt for toys 

If you have a potential candidate please email us with as much information on the dog as possibly. 

Homeless to Hero

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Current Dogs in Training


Ace, formerly know as Draxx, was located as a stray Philadelphia, PA.  He is an approximately 3 year old Shepherd mix.  When the STPCA picked him up, he had only 5 hours left before the shelter was going to euthanize him for being "destructive in the kennel".  Ace is now fully trained and certified as an explosives detection canine.   He is currently has completed rehab after undergoing a total hip replacement and is awaiting the perfect job and handler.

Southern Tier Polic K9


K-9 Cash was saved from a kill shelter where he was going to be euthanized.  He is currently enjoying his second chance at life and excelling in his training as a patrol/narcotics canine.


Chester is an 8 month old Black Lab that came to us from a shelter in Nebraska.  He was surrendered as a 6 month old puppy and spent over two months in a shelter prior to joining our Homeless to Hero program.  Chester is in training to become a narcotics detection canine. 


Some STPCA Previously Rescued K-9s

Soutern Tier Police K9
Southern Tier Police K-9
Southern Tier Police k9
Southern Tier Police k9
Southern Tier Police k9
Southern Tier Police k9