STPCA Rescue Program

The Southern Tier Police Canine Association's rescue program works with local animal shelters to locate dogs that have working potential and give them the training they need to serve our communities.  Trainers from the STPCA locate these dogs then test to see if the have the ability to perform as a working dog.  The dog would then live and train with one of the STPCA's trainers until the dog is able to pass certification in the area of work selected for it.  After the dog is certified, it will be paired and trained with a selected handler from either a police department, fire department, or search and rescue organization and donated to that entity. A large number of the rescues are done in partnership with the Kramer Foundation specializes in rescuing and rehabilitating dogs with health and behavioral issues.

Current Dogs in Training


Ace, formerly know as Draxx, was located as a stray Philadelphia, PA.  He is an approximately 25 months old Dutch Shepherd.  When the STPCA picked him up, he had only 5 hours left before the shelter was going to euthanize him for being "destructive in the kennel".  Ace is now fully trained and certified as an explosives detection canine.   He is currently rehabbing after undergoing a total hip replacement but will be back and better than ever soon.

Rex was saved from an Amish puppy mill by a great local rescue group and entrusted to the Southern Tier Police Canine Association to be trained as a dual purpose police canine.

Some STPCA Previously Rescued K-9s


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